Program supports us with school supplies.


The Pa Sao School could not exist without the unconditional support of Indo'child. The Indo'child association was created in 2012 under the leadership of Laurence Vassas. For nearly two years, she will surround herself with many people, including Géraldine Fougère, to finalize the construction of the school and offer the children a safe and healthy environment. It is largely thanks to Laurence Vassas' own funds that the school is able to operate today. She also lived in Siem Reap for nearly 10 years, thus being as close as possible to Sao and the students.

Every year since 2013, Indo'Child has joined together with Vignobles Raguenot for a charity action: "Les Vendanges du Coeur". During one day, many people gather for a harvest under the sign of generosity. Indeed, all the profits are donated to The Pa Sao School. This donation helps to support the school's management costs (teachers' salaries, electricity...) but also to contribute to the renovation of the school.


Carla Luttmann and Victoria Norait are two French students who spent a month at The Pa Sao School. They put their communication skills to good use by contributing to the optimization of The Pa Sao School's web platforms. Indeed, they redesigned the entire website and created an instagram account dedicated to The Pa Sao School.

They also created a solidarity fund to raise money for the school's children.They managed to raise enough money to buy a hundred school books, hundreds of notebooks and as many pens, not to mention world maps and other playful posters.

They continue to support Sao despite the distance to optimize its communication channels.

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Sim Sao's ultimate goal is to be able to open the school full time.

The first obstacle to the achievement of this project are the significant monthly charges (electricity, internet, teachers' salaries).

Sim Sao has also been working for several years to be able to register the school as an NGO in Cambodia.