March, 2020

Carla and Victoria, two French students, spent a month at our school. Their activities were versatile: they repainted the front of the school, cleaned the classrooms and the playground. They actively participated in the evening English classes, establishing dialogues with the children. They also created a solidarity fund to raise money for school materials. In the end, they managed to raise enough money to buy: a hundred school books, hundreds of notebooks and as many pens and crayons. Furthermore, they really invested themselves in the life of the school by establishing a real relationship with the children and the inhabitants of the village. 


April 25, 2017

Our good friends from Israel sent us packages with lots and lots of clothes for the children. They where so happy with their new outfits.

A big thank you to Tamar Michael and Anat Slomi.

March, 2017

Student from Allergot High School in Norway have done an amazing job collecting money for our school, in cooperation with Project Cambodia.

The last weeks we have finished painting the school, fixed the well and planted trees. We have also built a flagpole in front of the school building to honor our donors.

February 14, 2017: New Computers

Purchase computers and teach the kids computer skills have been a big desire for our school. We are so greatful to Andreas Krug and Tamar Michael for their generous donation so we could make this happen.

Also, a big thank you to Vi Louze, Laurence Vassas and Indo Child Association for volunteering to build computer desks for us, in addition to new railing to our upstairs terrace.

November 6, 2016: New bikes!

The students in Pongro Village have a long way to school, especially the High School students.

On Sunday November 6, the student were given brand new bikes! We took them out for a test run to Travkot Resort and the kids were really happy with them.

We want to thank Ole Vestengen for helping the high school student with an easier way to school. Before he died he decided that the money collected at his funeral would go to good causes in Cambodia. Babu Ole lives on. What a man!

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